Geingob Okays Welwitschia Mirabilis (the new parliament)

By Sr. Scholastica Kaliki, OSB

According to President Hage Geingob, there is no money (2.2 billion) for a new parliament, however, there is only 600 million available to construct the necessary parliament. According to the National Assembly Speaker Peter Katjavivi, the new parliament is needed because the government spent every year more than 4 million for accommodation rentals for the parliamentarians; thus, the new parliament will save the money used for renting.
“Are you against the parliament or are you against the cost? If you are against the cost then we are all together,” Geingob said.

The state-of-the-art parliament is a replica of the national plant of Namibia, Welwitschia mirabilis that grows naturally in only one place on Earth: in the dry Namib desert of Namibia. The plant catches water from the morning fog that rolls in from the sea. The fog condenses on the leaves and is absorbed through the stomata.
Welwitschia mirabilis is an ancient plant species. It is the last remaining species of a group of plants that evolved approximately 240 million years ago. Welwitschia not only has ‘naked’ seeds, but also woody tissue and inflorescences that look like real flowers. Its life span is 2000 years.

The National Assembly and National Council would be housed in the Welwitschia’s leaves while the joining middle trunk would be a venue for joint events.


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