Ecumenical Action Against Gender Based Violence (EAAGBV) Workshop

Engaging males from different Churches in Namibia

by Sr. Scholastica Kaliki, OSB

Shawn Tjirongo, Jerome Kinda and Joseph Kandjimi together with 30 other men, have been trained  on Ecumenical Action Against Gender Based Violence at Greiter’s Conference Centre, Windhoek. The above mentioned 3 young men are from the 3 dioceses of our Church in Namibia, that is Rundu Vicariate, Diocese of Keetmanshoop and Archdiocese of Windhoek. They have so far completed 2 of the 4 Modules (August and November) of a Trainers Course in which they are expected to train others in the society on how to prevent and/or how to deal with Gender Based Violence issues in the country.
The training is organized by ELCIN in partnership with Council of Churches (CCN), Helski Deaconess Institute and Finish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These Organizations found out that so many programmes in the country from the Ministry down to NGOs are mostly aimed at empowering Women; therefore, they came up with a programme specifically for males between 18 to 35 of age. This is because according to statistics, many of the violence in the country are mostly caused by males between this age group. Therefore a strategy to train male and create an awareness among them was deemed necessary to as a contribution to the already existing projects on this same issue.

Various professors and experts on different topics are training these young men. The topics range from “Understanding Gender Based violence in Namibia, Introducing a Community-based Action, Cultural norms surroundings men, Identifying challenging situations, Communication and Conflict Resolutions Skills, Practical Awareness Skills and Reflections, from which action Plans are drawn up. They are expected to be authentic and effective role-models in the society.
Shawn, Joseph and Jerome were identified by the Family Life Desk of the NCBC, with the help of the Department of Migration and Itinerant People, NCBC, and the CMAN (Catholic Man Association of Namibia).
We hope and pray that they will be able to find platforms to implement their ‘learnings’ to the best of their abilities.


A group interested people have teamed up with Shawn in Windhoek to find ways and means in actualizing this course.

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