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7th National Catholic Women's Assembly
at Katima Mulilo, Caprivi Region on 23 to 26 August 2007
Participants were about 350 women from the 13 regions of Namibia. Women shared their experiences and had a March Against Violence through the town of Katima Mulilo. They also brought crafts that they made to sell during the assembly. They resolved to continue fighting against gender-based violence and to promote the prevention of HIV and AIDS. Photos below are from this assembly - click on assembly photos for larger view.

The Namibian Women Movement is an umbrella body that unites all Catholic women and Catholic women organizations. It seeks to work for peace with justice for all by empowering the women at all levels of society. It was established in 5 May, 2000 during the First National Catholic Women's Assembly. The NWM is under the coordination of the Women's Desk, a department of the Namibian Catholic Bishops Conference.

Objectives: The NWM seeks:

To promote the integral development of women for effective participation in society and in decision-making processes.

To unite Catholic women and women's organizations for collaboration, communication and coordination of activities.

To collaborate with other churches and organizations for the upliftment of women in Namibia.

Structure: To facilitate the empowerment of women and to implement the objectives of the movement, committees have been established from the local, regional and national levels.

Activities are organized throughout the year in the parish, regional and national levels in order to accomplish these objectives. Workshops, seminars and assemblies/conferences are being held in the different parts of the country on the following issues:

Five Gender Awareness workshops each year for women and/or men @ US$200 each or US$1000 total

Income-generating Project Workshops are conducted for unemployed women in skills training on how to organize and maintain income generating projects. Start-up funding is given to groups who are willing to work together. Three workshops are conducted each year @ US$500 each or $1500 total.

Prevention and Response to the HIV&AIDS pandemic through awareness programs and training of home-based care groups in every parish in collaboration with Catholic AIDS Action for both womena and men.

Seminars on Laws that affect women and the family, i.e. Married Persons Equality Act, Property Rights Act, Maintenance Act, Combating Against Domestic Violence Act and Against Rape Act, Writing of a Will and the Constitution of Namibia. Five conducted each each year @ US$200 each or US$1000 total

Leadership Skills Training workshops. Ten conducted each year @ US$300 each or US$3000 total.

Alternatives to Violence Skills Workshops held each year @ US$500 each or US$2500 total.

INCOME-GENERATING PROJECTS for economic self-reliance.
Gardening projects to improve the health, nutrition and food security in 6 different villages. Women who are affected by and /or living positively with HIV are included in the projects. They provide their own seeds. 2 gardens needed funding to build stronger fences to protect their gardens from the animals and others need pumps to bring water from the river and storage tanks to store water for the gardens. Garden tools for 5 garden projects have been donated; but we could use up to US$7000 for stronger fences, pumps, storage tanks, and more garden tools.

Sewing projects in two villages - need 6 sewing machines (treadle or electric types) @ a local cost of US$1000 total.

Bakery in Tondoro - the women need electric ovens and electrical connections for it. At the moment they have an outdoor oven that uses fire wood which is not ecologically friendly in a country that is mostly desert area. They need a commercial electric oven at a cost of US$20,000.

The NWM at parish, regional and national levels provides a forum for all Catholic women to share experiences, discuss issues and problems of concern and to find creative ways of responding to them. It is the desire of the Bishops, through the Women's Programmes and the NWM, to continue empowering the women spiritually, economically and politically toward self-reliance and effective participation in the transformation of their communities so that God's reign of peace with justice and love may be established in Namibia.

Sister Aida Manlucu, MM, Women's Programmes Coordinator with Leaders

During an income-generating project workshop at Katima Mulilo, Caprivi Region

Women at 2005 National Conference getting their photo taken outside.

Secretary + Coordinator of NCWM with the Keynote Speaker, the Deputy Chairperson of the National Council of Namibia and Sr. Aida Manlucu, MM

Women at 2005 National Conference listening attentively.

Women working in small groups at 2005 National Conference.

Women with donated garden tools in Kavango Region.

Garden project at Bunya, needs pump and tank for river water.

Women in their bakery at Tondoro, a town up north in the Kavango region.
If your would care to help or become involved in our work with Women in Namibia, Email Sister Aida:
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