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    Holy Family Parish
    P.O.Box 2072, Rundu, Namibia

Parish located at Andara - 200kms east of Rundu

   Fr. Andrzej Cieszkowski       Mr Jacek Sowinski

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  Rundu Vicariate

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Sunday Masses in Andara:...........07h00 for children in English and 09h00
35 Outstation Communities and 12,000 people served by Holy Family Parish

Holy Family Parish provides two hostels for boys and girls going to school in Andara.

Outstations served: Kamutjonge, Karukenge Dimwagna, Bagani, Kanorombwe, Shamavinyo, Divundu, Kake, Diyogha, Andara, Thipanana, Diyana, Shadipwera, Biro, Kayanga, Mayara, Thikanduko, Kangongo, Moapuka, Tjova, Mukongotji, Shakashi, Kambimba, Shanondho, Dithimba, Shamara, Thjikukutu, Shayirungu, Muthinduko, Mangamba, Kangundja, Shaditunda, Shamunaro, Shutu, Shamaturu, Kavitji.

Jubilee 100 year


Holy Family Parish
Andara, Namibia

Where we come from…
The village of Andara is situated 200km east of Rundu in the Kavango Region of Namibia. The area is inhabited by the Hambukushu people who live as farmers and herders along the banks of the Kavango River. In 1909 the first missionaries arrived to Andara Mission but their work was not successful so they went back to Nyangana where they established a Mission. Then in 1913, Alexander Ndara, chief of the Hambukushu tribe, accepted and welcomed the Catholic Missionary Oblates – OMI. By visiting Chief Ndara and gaining his favor, the first priests where able to easily spread the Good News of God to the people. When founded, the Roman Catholic Mission was named Ndara Mission after the Chief, but today it is known as Andara. On 5 July 1914, the Magdalena Jiwa was the first person recorded to be baptized by Father Josef Gotthard on the river island Tahwe. Fr. Gotthard worked with Junior Wüst from 1921 to 1931 and with Fr. Frolich who would serve the next 69 years in Andara. Fr. Thanissen also worked with Fr. Frolich until 1966 when he was replaced by Fr. L.V. Lulsdorff (1966-1974), Fr. L. Baver and Fr. Kapirika (1975-1982), Kapp – OMI (1983-1992), and Fr. Henryk Ostrowski – Fidei Donum (1992-2006). Aside from the Roman Catholic faith, the first priests brought great things to Andara and the Mbukushu area. The Andara Catholic Hospital was founded in the 1960’s by Sister Katharina and later improved by Sr. Krisanta and Dr. Fisch. The early priests also built a youth hostel on the Mission grounds. In 1966, the hostel accommodated 130 students with the hostel mother Sr. Bernadete, the first Catholic nun at the Andara Mission. Coming from Oshikuku, Sr. Bernadete is, hitherto, the only Namibian sister to serve at Andara. The Andara Mission is also proud of its family for further accomplishments. From Andara, Fr. Gotthard went on to become the Archbishop of Windhoek. Fr. B. Haushiku was also a priest at Andara who later became Archbishop of Windhoek. Fr. Joseph Shikongo served at Andara for a short period and later became the first Bishop of Rundu. These are wonderful accomplishments for us to remember.

Where we are...
Today the Andara Catholic Mission consists of 36 Roman Catholic centers spanning the district located in the following villages: Andara, Bagani, Biro, Dimwagha, Dina-Kapako, Dithimba, Divundu, Diyana, Diyogha, Kake, Kambimba, Kamutjonga, Kangongo, Kangundja, Kanorombwe, Kayanga, Mangamba, Mayara, Mbapuka, Mukongotji, Muthinduko, Shamaturu, Shadipwera, Shakashi, Shamara, Shamavinyo, Shamunaro, Shanondho, Shayirungu, Shutukavitji, Thikanduko, Thikukutu, Thipanana, and Tjova. Of these 37 centers, there are 15 permanent churches. Great progress is being made under the guiding hand of Father Andrew Cieszkowski, who came to Andara in 2006. In fact, 2007 saw the completion and blessing of churches in four communities: Biro, Kamutjonga, Mbapuka, and Thikanduko Tjova nad Diyogha.
Father Andrew oversees operation of the student hostels, which now accommodate more than 220 learners each school term. Much needed renovations have been made to the boys’ and girls’ hostels including the painting of the girls’ hostel, restoration and building of new showers and toilets, and installation of a new boys’ septic tank. Since 1st of September 2011 we have 15 children in Orphanage call Divine Marcy Window of Life where youngest child brought to us was 1 year and 2 months old.
The Andara Catholic Mission is hard at work translating Faith-based texts into the local language, Thimbukushu. Translators have finished the lectionary and catechism materials as well as most book of the Bible. However, a lot of work is still to come. In 2007 was printed Catechism in local language which is used by many people.

Where we hope to go…
In 2013, Father Andrew was joined by Fr. Bertold  and together they hope to bring even more life into the Mission and community. To Mission came in 2010 came Mr. Jacek Sowiński is a voluntary helper who is helping in hostel and Mission farm. They will look to finish translating and printing the first Catholic Bible in Thimbukushu. For this, though, they will need financial support to cover the costs of food and transport for translators and bible pages for printing.
There is always need for continuous renovations and upgrades at the student hostel.

Dedication of New Hospital Chapel

New Churches

St. John Paul II  Tjova

Consecration 22. 10.2011

St Faustina Diyogha

Consecration 26.08 2012

Old Church - burned in 2009

Junior Retreat Legion 8th 12.2012 Yearly Retreat of Legion of Mary 2012


Divine Mercy Window of Life is a child care facility which was opened on the 1st of October 2011 for children who lack the opportunity to study and develop in a stable environment. The society is fluctuated by unwanted or children in need of care due to various social ills such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic, poverty and alcohol abuse.  Children as young as 3-5 years old are used for cheap labour and also encounter various ill treatments from extended families or their own parents.

A research was conducted in the surrounding area Mukwe constituency and it was found that many children have lost their parents due to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and these children therefore live beyond any standards of human life. The extended families that are caring for the children are also dysfunctional due to the overuse of alcohol. The question then comes, how do we help these children and their families to get out of this situation experience a better life that they deserve?

These issues are very serious most especially because the young generation that supposed to lead the nation is the one that is mostly affected. Lack of assistance provided to these children will result in other major issues such as the increase of children on the streets, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, school dropout, crime etc.

Every child needs a home to develop physically, emotionally, psychological and spiritually. Therefore the community which consists of church has the ability to take up this role and see to it that a child gets the life that they deserve.

Holy Family Jubilee


On the 27th of March 1913 the first Missionaries arrived at Andara. The celebration was suppose to be on the 27th of March but due to the fact that the same Friday was Easter and a Holy week, it was decided that the festivities be post pond to the second week which then started on the afternoon Friday the 05th of April 2013, most visitors and guests started arriving on that day. The guests including those who came from outside Namibia where accommodated at Kamutjonga Inland Fisheries Institute next Mahangu Park 50 km from Andara and others at Frans Dimbare Rural Youth Center and also at Andara Mission about 1200 people where accommodated on that day, the Parish Priest Fr. Andrzej Cieszkowski welcomed them all.  After supper the evening was spent in the Girls Hostel with the dancers and songs.


On Saturday the 06th of April 2013 a Holy Mass was held in remembrance of the deceased who worked at Andara Mission for the past 100 years at the Andara Cemetery that morning. The Priest who blessed the Mass was Fr. Mukongwa Berthod Ghukushe who was ordained on the 27th of August 2010 by Bishop Joseph Shipandeni Shikongo at Andara RCM. In the afternoon the same day a drama of the arrival of the first Missionary was played by the Andara Woman Group (Hambuyama) it was interesting that it was requested to be played again on Sunday after the Thanksgiving Mass. The Historical occasion was attended by Priests, deacons, sisters and catechists from Rundu Vicariate and all over. Fumu Ervin Mbambo Munika and the spouse, Prof.Joseph Diescho and the Minister of Agriculture Water and Rural Development Hon. John Mutorwa and many other attended the event.


On Saturday the 07th of April 2013 we had the Thanksgiving Mass by His Lordship Bishop Joseph Shikongo, Priests, deacons and catechists from Rundu Vicariate and beyond. Bishop Joseph Shikongo talked much about how we should repent to God and that we have to hear the Good news of the Lord and put it into practice, and he even went further and encouraged us on how we should love the Lord our God because he created Heaven and Earth, we should visit the sick people in the hospitals and that we should help the poor when they are in need and in problems and we should love on another as our Lord Jesus Christ loves us. The Director of the ceremony was Mr. Alfons Dikuwa and the speaker was Mr. Joseph Mukoya who read the History of the Hambukushu people. Thanks to God for giving us our Priest Fr. Andrzej Cieszkowski who came and work with the Hambukushu people in Mbukushu.

Cemetery 06. 04.2013

Holy Family Hostels


Jubilee  for Youth 15.05.20013

Donations requested:
To operate the school hostels so that our school children can get an education, is one of our most challenging tasks. As all of us can see in the world news these days, food costs are continuously rising and we find ourselves experiencing these same rising food costs as we struggle to feed our children in the two school hostels we operate. Therefore, any financial help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Contact us via our Email at the top of this page to learn the different ways that are available to send us donations
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