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Roman Catholic Hospital
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The Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek is a private hospital operated by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing since 1933. The Mission is to provide Christian based quality nursing care to all.

This year 2007 there are 11 Benedictine Sisters who are assigned in the various department of the Hospital. In the nursing care, theatre, pastoral care of the patients, finances and administration. There are 2 German Sisters, 6 Namibians and 3 Asians (2 Koreans and a Filipino).

The Nursing department is composed of 128 nurses who are on 24-hour duty in the nursing wards (private rooms), casualty department, ICU (Intensive Care Unit), high care unit and operating theatre.

The support and administrative department 56 employees (excluding outsourced departments): the Pharmacy and clinical store (non-pharmaceutical or surgical items) which caters to both the in-patient and out-patient of the hospital, the radiology department, laboratory (outsource), dietary, the house keeping (outsource), the reception, finances and administrative offices – all directly and indirectly supports the nursing care service.

The Chapel is open daily for patients from 6h00 to 18h30. Everyone, regardless of denomination or religious background are welcome to join the Sisters at prayers. The patient may request a Pastor, a Priest or a Nun (Sister) for counseling and prayer.

Though the Hospital is a non-smoking area, we have designated a place where patients may smoke. It is strictly prohibited to smoke in any other areas of the hospital especially in the wards.

Roman Catholic Hospital 1907 - 2007

With gratitude and great joy, the Roman Catholic Hospital celebrates their 100 years of service by providing Christian based quality nursing care service to the sick, as its mission. The Hospital will officially celebrate its centennial on October 2007.

The Roman Catholic Church who established the Mission Hospital in 1907 invited the Franciscan Sisters to administer the management of the facility. The same Sisters who started the Holy Cross School in 1906. 1n 1923, due to the lack of staff among the Sisters to direct the hospital and the need for more Sisters to work in the School apostolate, the Archbishop of the Diocese of Windhoek handed over the Management of the Hospital to the Missionary Benedictine Sisters of Tutzing, who manage the Hospital up to the present.

From its humble beginning in 1907, today through the continuous guidance of the Trinity, the Roman Catholic Hospital with its 87 beds continue to accommodate and bring the compassionate healing ministry of Christ to the sick to help them find physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing, stability and peace.
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