Archdiocese of Windhoek
Roman Catholic Church
Parishes of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Windhoek, Namibia
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Cathedral Parish:
      St. Mary's Cathedral

Karl Werner List Street 91
P.O. Box 272, Windhoek
Tel. 264.061   238750
Pastor: Fr. Lukas Mosemedi, OMI
Fr. W. Deing, OMI

Katatura Parish:
      Holy Redeemer

P.O. Box 7026, Windhoek
Tel/Fax: 264.061   261975
Pastor: Fr. Teddy Lennon, OFM
Fr. Bernard Hall, OFM
Bro. S. Daniels, OFM

Khomasdal Parish:
      St Mary's

P.O. Box 10374, Khomasdal, Windhoek
Tel: 264.061   213241     Fax. 264.061   213708
Administrator: Fr. Teddy Lennon, OFM
Fr. Bernard Hall, OFM   Tel/Fax: 264.061   261975


Pionierspark Parish:
      St Boniface

P.O. Box 40262, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek.
Tel: 264.061   242728
Tel/Fax: 264.061   242835
Pastor: Fr. Maurus Kantana, OMI

Soweto Parish:
      St. Augustinus Soweto

P.O. Box 61234, Katutura
Tel + Fax: 264.061   218765
Fr. Joseph Kunjaparambil, MSFS
Fr. Devasia Manalel, MSFS

Wanaheda Parish:
      Corpus Christi

P.O. Box 7815 Katutura, Windhoek
Tel: 264.061 272934
Fax: 264.061 271240
Pastor: Fr. Marek Fischer

Aminuis Parish:
      Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

R.C. Mission Aminuis, P.O. Box 406,Gobabis
Tel: 264.063   273057
Fr. Adalbert Nemeyimana
Deacon Nikolas Gaowetse

Arandis Parish:
      St John's

St John's Parish, P.O. Box 5, Arandis
Tel: 264.064   510392
Fr Julius Katjipa, MSC

Dobra Parish:
      St Joseph

R.C. Mission Dobra, P.O. Box 2149, Windhoek
Tel: 264.061   264545

Epukiro Parish:
      St Joseph

R.C. Mission, Epukiro, P.O. Box 1490, Gobabis
Tel: 264.062   568812     Fax: 264.062   568815
Rev. Fr. Venantius Makabanyane, OMI

Gobabis Parishes:
St Konrad's
Gobabis    Our Lady of Fatima Epaho    Martelaars van Uganda Dornfeld

R.C.Mission Dornfeld, P.O. Box 105, Gobabis
Dornfeld:     Tel: 264.062   562626     Fax: 264.062   563542
St Konrad's:     Tel: 264.062   564626 / 564280
Fr. Shimbome, OMI
Fr. Volk, OMI

Khorixas Parish:
      Holy Spirit

Tel/Fax: 264.067. 331035
Fr. Augusto Ndaitavela

Okahandja Parish:
      St. Peter Claver

St Peter Claver Parish, P.O. Box 324, Okahandja
Tel: 264.062   501392
Pastor: Fr. Werner S. Afunde
Deacon Mr. Andreas Ausiku

Omaruru Parish:
      Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima Parish, P.O. Box 97, Omaruru
Tel: 264.064   570824
Fr Hermenegild Maier, OSB
Fr Oswald, OSB

Otjiwarongo Parish
      St.Maria Assumpta

Voortrekker Road
P.O. Box 73, Otjiwarongo
Tel: 264.067   303052 / 302522
Fax: 264.067   301100
Fr. Matthias N. Tshithigona, OMI
Br. John Nangoro,OMI

Outjo Parish:
      St Michael's

St Michael's Parish, P.O. Box 597, Outjo
Tel/Fax: 264.067   312163
Cell: 264.081   2429193
Fr. Heinz Ernst, OMI

Swakopmund Parish:
      Holy Rosary

Holy Rosary Parish, P.O. Box 3, Swakopmund
Tel/Fax: 264.064   403362
Fr. Anthony Spencer, OFM
Br. Sydney Daniels, OFM

Fr. N. Mokhatu

Tsumeb Parishes: St Barbara
      P.O. Box 1869, Tsumeb
      Pastor: Fr Joseph Hatutale, OMI Atten: Fr. Heller
      Tel: 264.067   220690

Tsumeb Parishes: St Francis
      P.O. Box 12, Tsumeb
      Pastor: Fr Berthold Heller, OMI
      Deacon Joel Johnson Atten: Deacon Johnson
      Tel: 264.067   222475

Usakos Parish:
      Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

R.C. Mission, P.O. Box 62, Usakos
Tel: 264.064   530243
Fr. Kasimir Wrobel

Waldfrieden Parish:
      Holy Angels

R.C. Mission, Waldfrieden, P.O. Box 97, Omaruru
Tel: 264.064   570824   Fax: 264.064   571176
Fr. Hermenegild Maier, OSB
Fr. Eugene Badtke, OSB

Walvis Bay Parishes:
      Stella Maris
      P.O. Box 47, Walvisbay
      Tel: 264.064   202074

      St. Peter Narraville
      P.O. Box 8080, Walvisbay
      Tel:264.064   205043

      Good Shepherd Kuisebmond
      P.O. Box 8080, Walvisbay
      Tel: 264.064   205481
Pastor: Fr Erastus Kapena OMI; Fr. Bethold Heller
An explanation of the Pastoral Region concept of de-centralation: Most of the Catholics in the Archdiocese live in the northern part of the country. They live in rural villages and subsist by raising cattle, goats, and growing some corn and barley for their own use. They are isolated in these distant villages with no cars or modern transportation. Therefore, the Church must be brought to them; they do not have the mobility themselves to travel distances to receive the sacraments or attend mass. In response to this pastoral situation, the Archdiocese now operates with three pastoral layers of ministry. At the top is the Roman Catholic Mission which is staffed by two or more priests; then under the Mission are the Roman Catholic Parishes which are staffed by Deacons; then under the Parishes are the Roman Catholic Communities which are headed by Lay Leaders. This de-centralized arrangement enables the Archdiocese to provide pervasive pastoral care to these large numbers of isolated Catholics. To understand the composition of a "community" or just how many villages it may contain, go to Ongha Mission webpage.

Anamulenge Pastoral Region

R.C. Mission Anamulenge
P.O. Box 503, Ombalantu
Office Tel: 264.065   250300
House Tel/Fax: 264.065   251534
Fr. Jose Thomas Mamalassery, MSFS
Fr. Paul Dotaomai Rona, MSFS

      Anamulenge Parish
      Mrs C. Anghuwo
      P.O. Box 503, Ombalantu
      Tel: 264.065   250300
           Anamulenge Community
           Ombandjele Community
           Olwaango Community
           Olukulo Community
           Okalondo Community

      Olupaka Parish
      Deacon Ambrosius Shalumbu
      P.O. Box 2, Ombalantu
      Tel: 264.065   250348 (h)   250347 (w)
           Olupaka Community
           Ehangano Community
           Oitende Community
           Oukwatelo Community
           Oshitukafitu Community

      Onelago Parish
      Mrs Adelheid Ashipala
      P.O. Box 399, Ombalantu
      Tel: 264.065   251486 (w)
           Onelago Community
           Olufa Community
           Okafitukakamba Community
           Ohakweela Community
           Okakete Community

      Osisiya Parish
      Mr Ephraim Kalumbu
      P.O. Box 64, Ombalantu
      Cell: 264.081   2685891
           Osisiya Community
           Okapopo Community
           Omafa Community

      Ipanda Parish
      Dcc Germanus Andjene
      P.O. Box 36, Ombalantu
      Tel: 264.081   2952649
           Ipanda Community
           Okagongo Community
           Okapyakambidhi Community

      Ondombehethindi Parish
      Dcc Joseph Naunyango
      P.O. Box 161, Ombalantu
      Cell: 264.081   2070037
           Ondombehethindi Community
           Epoko Community
           Omalungwandjamba Community

      Omuulukila Parish
      Deacon Isidore Kanyangela
      P.O. Box 27, Ombalantu
      Tel: 264.065   250301 (w)
           Omuulukila Community
           Iishanaputa Community
           Ouma Community

      Ombafi Parish
      Deacon Frans Naimhwaka
      P.O. Box 52, Ombalantu
      Tel: 264.081   2748249
           Ombathi Community
           Oshikulufitu Community
           Oneeya Community
           Omatelekelo Community

      Ruacana Parish
      Mrs Patrick Shilongo
      P.O. Box 503, Ombalantu
      Tel: 264.065   272068 (h)
           Ruacana Community
           Epalela Community
           Etunda Community
           Okamboola Community

      Ililyateko Parish
      Sr Scholastica, OSB
      P.O. Box 182, Tsandi Uukwaluudhi
      Tel: 264.065   258229 (h)
           Iilyateko Community
           Oshipeto Community
           Oshihau Community
           Onamumbulaga Community
           Onandjadja Community

Okatana Pastoral Region

R.C. Mission Okatana
P.O. Box 2, Oshakati
Tel: 264.065   220102
Fr Jean Piere Lwele, OMI

      Okatana Parish
      Deacon Mauritius Niipare
      P.O. Box 2, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   221314 (h)   64.065   221310 (w)
           Okatana Community
           Ondjodjo Community
           Ondjambayalala Community

      Amutanga Parish
      Deacon Andreas Shivute
      P.O. Box 129, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   225023
           Amutanga Community
           Oshapwa Community
           Omundudu Community

      Ongwediva Parish
      Deacon Desiderius Hamayulu
      P.O. Box 1113, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   225043 (h)
           Ongwediva Community
           Ohakweenyaga Community
           Omushimani Community

      Oshakati Parish
      Mr Pius Ashipala
      P.O. Box 378, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   231364 (h)   232117 (w)
           Oshakati Community
           Oniimwandi Community
           Otshaaneko Community
           Oponona Community
           Iitananga Community

      Emono Parish
      Deacon Laurentius G. Taukeni
      P.O. Box 1782, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   220752
           Emono Community
           Iiwiyongo Community

Omuthiya Pastoral Region

R.C. Mission Omuthiya
P.O. Box 19056, Omuthiya
Tel: 264.060   8004664
Fr. Clement F. Mario, MS

      Omahinda Parish
      Dcc Heinrich Amunime
      P.O. Box 2, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   221857
           Omahinda Community
           Onyavie Community
           Omutsegwonime Community
           Onamanyoka Community
           Ohailungu Community
           Ominkono Community
           Onanke Community
           Epandulo Community

      Onyati Parish
      Mr Werner Ilovu
      Tel: 264.065   225002
           Onyati Community
           Ehafo-Mateus Community
           Onakankunzi Community
           Eyamba Community
           Okuudu Community
           Okambuwa Community

Ongha Pastoral Region

R.C. Mission Ongha
P.O. Box 901, Ohangwena
Tel/Fax: 264.065   245480
Fr. Lukose Perumannikala, MSFS
           Ongha Community
           Okatope Community
           Onengali Community
           Eemboo Community
           Epalala Community
           Omafo Community
           Ouhongo Community
           Okanghudi Community
           Omufitoyoheti Community
           Etakaya Community
           Onhele-Iwa Community
           Oshikango Community
           Eexumba Community
           Ohangwena Community
           Etope Community
           Oshimwaku Community

      Ondangwa Parish
      Mr Werner Shihepo
      P.O. Box 667, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   268808 (h)
           Ondangwa Community
           Iidangungu Community
           Okaani Community
           Eedama Community
           Ohaingu Community
           Omhanda Community
           Oshamukweni Community
           Omitoyoyananime Community

      Omeege Parish
      Dcc Herbert Emvula
      P.O. Box 962, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   230432 (h)   Cell: 264.081   2980748
           Omeege Community
           Otshihenge Community
           Otshinyadhira Community

      Omagongati Parish
      Deacon Ignatius Johannes
      P.O. Box 15323, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   241927
           Omagongati Community
           Omusimboti Community
           Ehafo-Johannes Community
           Ondjongolume Community

Opuwo Pastoral Region

R.C. Mission Opuwo
P.O. Box 103, Opuwo
Tel: 264.065   273194
Fax: 264.065   273276
Fr. Domingo Chipindo, MS
      Opuwo Community
      Oukongo Community
      Okovasyona Community
      Otjondeka Community
      Omakange Community
      Otjimuhaka Community
      Otjongoro Community
      Sesfontein Community
      Otutati Community

Oshikuku Pastoral Region

R.C. Mission Oshikuku
P/Bag 5517, Oshakati
Tel: 264.065   254552
Fax: 264.065   254514
Fr. Veranus Shiimi; Fr. Evaristus Hinanane

      Oshikuku Parish
      Deacon Stefanus Amushila
      P/B 5517, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   254535 (h)
           Oshikuku Community
           Oshitutuma Community
           Oshikutshatshipya Community
           Oshitundu Community

      Onampira Parish
      Deacon John Tshivoro
      P.O. Box 126, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   225048 (h)   Cell: 264.081   270009
           Onampira Community
           Otshuungu Community
           Ombugahamunyoko Community

      Okathitu Parish
      Deacon Adelgot Malyenge
      P/B 5517, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   254552
           Okathitu Community
           Okando Community
           Ombwana Community
           Okaku-kaumbi Community

      Uukwanashikale Parish
      Deacon Desiderius Erago
      P.O. Box 296, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   225301 (h)
           Uukwanashikale Community
           Okaleke Community
           Otshikuyu Community

      Etayi Parish
      Deacon Severin Shilongo
      P.O. Box 236, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   225418 (h)
           Etayi Community
           Enoleu Community
           Onelombo Community

      Uutsima Parish
      Deacon Fransiskus Tshikongo
      P.O. Box 2884, Oshakati
      Cell: 264.081   2793473
           Uutsima Community
           Otshuuli Community
           Etsikiro Community
           Ondjungurume Community
           Onamunjarara Community
           Okankaa Community
           Omulimbalimba Community

      Omutaku Parish
      Mr Thomas Shiningayamwe
      P/B 5511, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065   256588 (h)
           Omutaku Community
           Eparara Community
           Oshalembe Community
           Omutundungu Community