Archdiocese of Windhoek
Roman Catholic Church
Oshikuku      Roman Catholic Mission
R.C. Mission Oshikuku
P/Bag 5517, Oshakati
Tel: 264.065   254552

Sunday Mass:   0900

plus masses in outlaying
communities on Sat - Sun

Catholic Hospital

Fr Veranus Shiimi

Fr. Wilhem Eita

An explanation of the Pastoral Region concept of de-centralisation: Most of the Catholics in the Archdiocese live in the northern part of the country. They live in rural villages and subsist by raising cattle, goats, and growing some corn and barley for their own use. They are isolated in these distant villages with no cars or modern transportation. Therefore, the Church must be brought to them; they do not have the mobility themselves to travel distances to receive the sacraments or attend mass. In response to this pastoral situation, the Archdiocese now operates with three pastoral layers of ministry. At the top is the Roman Catholic Mission which is staffed by two or more priests; then under the Mission are the Roman Catholic Parishes which are staffed by Deacons; then under the Parishes are the Roman Catholic Communities which are headed by Lay Leaders. This de-centralized arrangement enables the Archdiocese to provide pervasive pastoral care to these large numbers of isolated Catholics.

Oshikuku Pastoral Region

R.C. Mission Oshikuku
P/Bag 5517, Oshakati
Tel: 264.065   254552
Fr Wilhelm Eita
Fr Veranus Shiimi

      Oshikuku Parish
      Deacon Stefanus Amushila
      P/B 5517, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065 254535 (h)
           Oshikuku Community
           Oshitutuma Community
           Oshikutshatshipya Community
           Oshitundu Community

      Onampira Parish
      Deacon John Tshivoro
      P.O. Box 126, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065 225048 (h)   Cell: 264.081 270009
           Onampira Community
           Otshuungu Community
           Ombugahamunyoko Community

      Okathitu Parish
      Deacon Adelgot Malyenge
      P/B 5517, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065 254552
           Okathitu Community
           Okando Community
           Ombwana Community
           Okaku-kaumbi Community

      Uukwanashikale Parish
      Deacon Desiderius Erago
      P.O. Box 296, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065 225301 (h)
           Uukwanashikale Community
           Okaleke Community
           Otshikuyu Community

      Etayi Parish
      Deacon Severin Shilongo
      P.O. Box 236, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065 225418 (h)
           Etayi Community
           Enoleu Community
           Onelombo Community

      Uutsima Parish
      Deacon Fransiskus Tshikongo
      P.O. Box 2884, Oshakati
      Cell: 264.081 2793473
           Uutsima Community
           Otshuuli Community
           Etsikiro Community
           Ondjungurume Community
           Onamunjarara Community
           Okankaa Community
           Omulimbalimba Community

      Omutaku Parish
      Mr Thomas Shiningayamwe
      P/B 5511, Oshakati
      Tel: 264.065 256588 (h)
           Omutaku Community
           Eparara Community
           Oshalembe Community
           Omutundungu Community

      Olyavahenge Parish
      Mr Albinus Shihepo
      P.O. Box 291, Oshakati
           Olyavahenge Community
           Onaipakolwa Community
           Onambome Community
           Okanhwa Community
           Epyaliwa Community

      Ohakadu Parish
      Mr D. Nghikelwa
      P/B 5517, Oshakati
           Ohakadu Community
           Okambembe Community

      Oshali Parish
      P/B 5517, Oshakati
           Oshali Community
           Onangama Community
           Oshikuyu-maode Community

      Omuthitugwonjama Parish
      Mr G. Amadhila
      P/B 5517, Oshakati
           Omuthitugwonjama Community
           Okashipu Community
           Otshuudhi Community
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